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Wir führen ein sehr grosses Sortiment an verschiedenem Scrapbooking. Big Time Rush ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die zum ersten Mal am November in den Vereinigten Staaten lief. In Deutschland wird sie seit. Auf diesem Weg durften wir in den letzten 20 Jahren als hauptberufliche Musiker mit BiG TiME unglaublich viele interessante und liebenswerte Menschen. BigTime europapokal der landesmeister us resolve that problem by being paypal geld anfordern kosten, orderly, and easy to use. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It makes it hard to do reporting. Team of 15 people is still there on all lines of support. Our company is not able to more accurately and completely track time to be charged merkur online spielen a project. Using this software is very intuitive. It would be great if they update these to buttons on the screen in a place that is easier to find. Because of the type of business we represent, we have a variety of working methods and billing methods. The software will be very easy to train new employees to use. BigTime covers all of our needs for time and expense tracking as well as connectivity with QuickBooks. Vendor Response by BigTime Software on December 07, Mike, Thanks a ton for taking the time to post bigtime review wörterbuch englisch deutsch download us here at BigTime - we know sakura gamer time is precious and we appreciate you giving a little of it to us! We are most pleased that charry casino think well of netent stock market product and that you find it easy sakura gamer use dfb pokal 14/15 that it is saving you time.

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Dies gestaltet sich jedoch durch eine Entführung der vier durch Gustavos Erzfeind Hawk schwierig, dennoch gelingt es der Band am Ende, ihr Konzert zu halten. Januar um Allerdings verläuft diese Suche aufgrund Gustavos Launen eher schlecht. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Es wird ein Agentenfilm und gleichzeitig eine Komödie , in dem es darum geht, dass Big Time Rush eine Welttournee startet, die in London beginnt.

The idea behind Solas was simple a light in a handbag. However, the execution of starting a company, manufacturing a product, and making sure the line was successful was not as simple.

With tenacity and hard work, they quickly proved naysayers wrong. By the second year of business, Karas lighted handbag line was debuting on the red carpet.

By their third year in business, Solas and Kara, made the pages of over 30 national news publications. In the fourth year, they had over a million dollars in sales.

Crippled by the recession she was left asking herself, Does the Dream exist? Which is what i mean by my partial experience answer above The team at BigTime were difficult to get a hold of but once they were aware they worked like crazy to get us setup and working in the time frame we had.

Hands down, it is the best integration with QBD of any practice management software out there We had 2 people who spent 8 months testing many software solutions Big Time was not.

As we become aware and work through things like "terminology" we are becoming more and more confident in the workflow and keeping track of what is due when and who has what and what state the work is in.

The wide range of terminology used in the software is confusing and causes errors to be made during implementation.

Start Date and End Date Not so within Big Time. Completed in most software solutions means that the job is finished or done; and archived means done and sent to storage with no recurrence nor future work is expected.

In Big Time the term Archive means Completed or Finished or Done and removes the task from the workflow list and generates the next task in the reccurence.

In BigTime the term Completed means something different BigTime allows you to manage workflow and not miss deadlines. No more having to track accounts receivable and client payments in two systems.

After spending 8 months with 2 people trying and testing multiple practice management solutions, Big Time was the best and satisfied all of the "critical" requirements.

BigTime allows users from a variety of backgrounds to connect to the software from various platforms desktop, laptop, smart phone to track time per project, to track expenses on a daily basis with electronic submission of receipts, to run reports on time spent, to connect with external accounting software seamlessly.

In BigTime, billable means charged to the project, may invoiced or may not invoice. In our company culture, billable means an invoice will be sent for payment to the client.

Our company is not able to more accurately and completely track time to be charged to a project. Our systems are now more automated and more paperless.

That being said, that feature might make for an excellent Feature Request. Straight forward navigation on all tabs makes all operations easy.

I like that all of the administrator functions are kept fairly simple; there are a lot of great ways to customize almost everything, without being overwhelming to learn.

Most customizations are nice since you really only need to set them up once, then make small tweaks until everything is just right.

The software will be very easy to train new employees to use. I love that it links to Quickbooks; I have so much less leg work than my previous software when it comes to data entry.

So far a fairly smooth transition from the previous software. While there are a lot of ways to customize the appearance of pages for employees, the invoices are still fairly restrictive.

I would like the job name bold or larger font and some lines to be in color. Second, creating a report to my liking has been very challenging.

I need a monthly report for each project manager with an individual detailed overview of each project every month. Third, our billing cycle falls mid month and it would be preferable if timesheets and billing could be broken up by custom billing cycle rather than monthly.

Lastly, the character limit on job titles is painfully small. We have a hard time getting all crucial information to fit.

It would help dramatically if the job info screen had a place to record the address of the job. Ease of use with Quickbooks integrations and lots of customizations for staff.

The ease of use and setup, management and flawless connection to QuickBooks to post information and allow us to invoice clients, print and pay expense reports and collect project information in an easy to use project database.

Time tracking is a breeze and built in reports allow us to view important information with a few clicks. That the BigTime monitor is not a service but it requires an account to be always signed in in order to run.

Time tracking, expense reports and invoicing all comes out of the same information that is entered in one place: Thanks so much for your review - hearing good things from our customers always makes us happy, but hearing good things from our customers from the past decade really makes our year!

I have been using BigTime for about 6 months now and could not be happier. In my previous company, I purchased a time tracking software for my employees and bookkeeping and it was a disaster.

Conversely, BigTime has been a huge breath of fresh air. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, allows me to easily track my time, expenses, and create invoices.

I can readily see where I am with project budgets verses time spent and can easily gauge when it is time to bill.

I am now a sole proprietor and have to wear all of the hats of the business. Having BigTime has been an indispensable tool in being able to manage the "business" side of the business easily and efficiently.

The customer service specifically through my personal Account Manager is outstanding. If I ever have a question, he has solved it through timely and knowledgeable feedback or it has been resolved with a quick online chat with support.

Recommendations to other buyers: If you are looking for an easy, but robust, time tracking software, BigTime is at the top of the list.

I "test drove" many software programs and found the hands-on experience with each to be very helpful. You are able to do a trial version of BigTime to see if it works for your needs - something that I highly recommend prior to purchasing any similar product.

BigTime had everything I was looking for and more. After using the software through my trial and going back and forth a bit with my Account Manager to discover more of the features of the program, I purchased BigTime confidently and am so glad that I did.

BigTime saved us from doing biologs, logging out and also the need of us to keep track by ourselves the time we spent for a single project.

It is an online application where you can input how many hours did you consume just to create or to lead a single project versus the other projects that you are doing.

BigTime saved me more time in logging in and logging out, and also keeping track with how many hours of work I did for the day.

So instead of just sending 40 hours of work in a week sometimes it gets doubled or tripled. If you want to have the confidence in the accuracy of how many hours you bill your client for a certain project or if you want your employees to save time in creating their timesheet, choose BigTime!

Thanks so much for posting a review for us here - we really appreciate everything you have to say and your taking the time to post a review. Regarding your duplication of time, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team support bigtime.

I like the intuitive interface that generally does not confuse me. I also like that if I have a specific question, I can typically get it answered quickly through the support team.

I would love to have access to timesheet and expense review through the app on my phone 2. First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to submit a review of Big Time - your review means a whole lot to us!

BigTime is the easiest timekeeping and expense reporting tool I had so far! Before we just used excel manual to track on how many hours a specific employee allocated his or her shift time to a particular project.

Since our firm is getting bigger, we can no longer assign just one project to a single person, some have 2 or more projects, and it is hard to account how many billable hours we will be charging to the client, accurately.

Bigtime helped us with that. It is also easy for us to synchronize it to QuickBooks. This greatly reduced the time we usually do in manually entering clients, project names or jobs, expense types, and category of labour.

Plus the changes or the updates we incorporate in QuickBooks are immediately reflected in BigTime as well. What I least like about this is that sometimes when we incorporate the number of hours we allocate in a week, and when we hit submit, it doubles the time we originally provisioned.

It is not always, but it gives us the impression that we need to QC it or be vigilant before submitting. There are times that the synchronization with Intuit is taking much time, and worst, fails.

It is also good if I see more alerts or I get more alerts when someone submits their timesheet. BigTime is easy to set-up.

Employees submitting their timesheet also likes it rather than the manual input to excel that they are doing because bigtime is a web-based program.

The synchronization it has with QuickBooks as well is perfect and strong! BigTime allowed us to optimize how we track project dollars and hours.

In the past we would manually enter the data multiple times to different forms and systems - it was always out of date static information.

Now, we enter the data once and have real-time access to project costs and hours. The data flows to invoices, reimbursements, and reports.

Overall, the software is solid. There are a few navigation workflows that can be improved. BigTime is aware of some click stream patterns that result in getting too deep into a project where you need to click back out to the "home" screen to restart a navigation into a project.

This happens more on the administration side - the time and expense entry process is simple. Overall, BigTime has been easy to do business with and the software has optimize our back office.

The front end time and expense reporting system allowed us to kill static Excel forms and provide our users with a clean modern interface to start the data entry process.

Thanks a ton for taking the time to post a review for us here at BigTime - we know your time is precious and we appreciate you giving a little of it to us!

We could not be happier that BigTime has made your life easier and allowed you to optimize how your business runs - that is one of the main reasons why we created the software in the first place!

There are so many great things about BigTime but my favorite is the support and reports you can create. The least favorite thing I feel BigTime has is the cell phone app.

The employees tell me that the hours under timesheets do not appear correctly. All the staffers are so friendly and understanding even when I keep asking the same questions over and over again because I just can not seem to grasp it!

At times support has had to share a screen with me because I am not explain or using the correct terminology and yet they still have a great sense of support and understanding.

The integration with Quickbooks makes our lives much easier. The support staff is really good too - they always get back in a timely manner. The integrated task timer is a nice feature as well.

Thanks so much for your review. Regarding the auto-creation of tasks, please feel free to send us a Feature Request for that! You can always submit a Feature Request to support bigtime.

Our Development Team examines each Feature Request very carefully and many of the features you use in BigTime today are the direct results of customers requesting functionality in the past.

We hope to hear from you again soon and thanks for the review! After reviewing four options for Time and Expense Tracking software we decided on BigTime for two reasons: Ease of Use and Invoice Templates.

The Time and Expense entry for the engineers in our office was intuitive and easy to learn. The mobile app works very well and is used more than we anticipated.

From the administrative aspect the setup is relatively easy and the user interface is easy to follow and understand. I really like how the screens navigate from one to the other and how I can customize what I want to see on each screen.

The clicking on the column headings to view the information in varies ways is great. We create about 50 - 60 invoices each month where the format may vary depending on the client for each one.

BigTime does a good job of providing a base of invoice templates with the flexibility customize. I have requested this change and hopefully it will be added.

The last aspect is customer support. Two training sessions were included in the software subscription. The first one was good for the very basic information, maybe a little too basic.

The second session was much more informative that gave us some good practices to use with BigTime Brea was very knowledgeable in both.

The day to day support seems short handed. Most of the time you have to send an email and wait for a response which could take hours or the next day.

As a new user that was a little frustrating. That is the one area that I would recommend BigTime address. Try to staff the LiveChat for customer support.

It would really help with quick questions. The behind the scene formulas are not always intuitive - negatives mean positives and vice versa.

For instance, we had to set up our tasks as labor codes and each timesheet entry that has a different labor code needs a new line. There is often a lot of back and forth to understand workarounds.

Also trying to understand how to display something the way we want to see it is challenging and without the support we would have been lost.

I really love Bigtime because of the customer support. Without that this would be extremely challenging. I hope there will be more development to make the program more fluid for various types of projects.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to post a review for us here at BigTime. We are very pleased that our software and support and proving helpful to you.

Also, we wanted to let you know that in addition to our support offerings, we have an excellent Knowledge Base that can also be used to assist you when you have questions.

Feel free to check it out here:. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions - we look forward to hearing from you!

Big Time was easy to use and set up and we had great support from our account executive from the initial demo all the way through our trial period to quickly getting us set up.

We were able to quickly set up clients due to the ease of integration from Quickbooks. We love the ability to change reports easily based on what is useful for us and to be able to adjust invoices fairly easily based on what each of our clients like to see.

Our staff training has so far been quite minimal as it was easily picked up by everyone. We are in the early stages so we might run into problems later but so far so good.

This program also has the flexibility to help us figure payroll overtime with reports rather than having to wrangle the information from an excel type exercise.

We have not used this software for any project management type of viewpoint and there are probably better programs out there if that is your mail goal for roughly the same price.

We have not had to go back to technical support very often as the program is very easy to pick up on. There are lots of options for invoicing looks as well so you will be able to find something that will work for you.

There are some quirks to the product as far as knowing where to click to make changes. Minor issue really and is covered by support calls pretty quickly.

One of our projects is in support stage. Team of 15 people is still there on all lines of support. The deal is that requests from our clients are coming at random moment of time and require from 1 hour to several days to handle.

I feel with BigTime it came to more order. Now we can form kind of backlog of client requests and also track time people spend for their processing.

For clients that have series of similar requests, we are able to find past communication history and get all required stakeholders together to sort out things once and forever.

From other side, some of clients have paid support contract with us. As they see how each of their requests is priced at the realtime they also prioritize their requests in more smart way.

I am unable to view most of reports on my mobile phone. Bigtime gives us the ability to manage our projects time and expenses more efficiently and work together cohesively as a team.

Although I love the ease of reporting, it is a little messy. Fancy names for common parts. The soft and loud of it. Comedian ISMO on what separates a boot from a trunk.

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Examples of big-time in a Sentence Noun the young ad execs knew that their agency had hit the big time when major corporations came calling. Recent Examples on the Web:

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